sunnuntai 12. heinäkuuta 2015

SBCAK erikoisnäyttely Laukaa ja KR

SBCAKn erikoisnäyttely Laukaalla 11.7.  Ann Jordan,GB

Kisma KÄY EH Great size&propotion, very typical in head, little short in neck, good shoulder placement, a beautiful mover.   (parhaat liikkeet kisaan)

Narra JUN ERI3 SA Beautiful bitch, show in lovely condition and coat, very typical alert expression, correct shoulder, little bit long body but really quality bitch.

KR Laukaa 12.7. Paul Laweless, Irlanti
Kisma KÄY ERI 3 years old, medium size, balanced head,nice eye and expression, litlle bit staffy on neck, good bone and feet, stands little neck behind, she has nicely balanced sidegate.

Narra JUN ERI2 SA "PN5" VaraSERT 1 year, pleasing type, nicely balanced head,medium dark eye, ears well placed,nice reach on neck, good topline, angulations ok front and rear, good bone,feet, nicely balanced sidegate, could be cleaner moving away.

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